Our Clients can expect;


a highly motivated and committed Estate Agency that is built on 5 core values, Empathy, Going the extra mile, Passion for what we do, Honesty and integrity
an honest and open dialogue from their first point of contact
a bespoke service specific to their requirements
a dedicated Sales Agent will represent the property from day one of marketing through to completion.
a single point of contact who will have full knowledge of progress.
an estate agent that will always represent their client to the highest standard at every stage.



Tel: 02084547947

Lettings Testimonial

Wish we’d made the switch years ago....

We owned a house in Teddington, which we used to live in but had let out to tenants for 20 years. As we lived some distance away, we signed up for property management with one of the biggest local agents. We tolerated pretty poor management over a number of years (eg. multiple changes of property manager, doing very little for the money we were paying etc.) as we were given a small discount on the usual management fee (13.5% as opposed to the usual 15% charged). Eventually however there was a major error made which cost us money and we sacked the big firm. We made contact with Lloyds Residential, and very quickly learned that Daniel could provide a more personal, tailored management service at a much lower management fee. I now wish we’d made the switch years ago!

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